Errata of the scores

  Errata of the published scores of Bach's Cello Suites

Please correct your score(s) of Bach's Cello Suites.

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1. 1st Suite, Prélude, from bar 33, 3rd beat to bar 36, 2nd beat: the a notes have double stems. They should be played in double-stopping. See Neglected double stoppings

2. 6th Suite, Prélude, bar 91: the last note is g, not a. See Two neglected g 

3. 6th Suite, Sarabande, bar 31: first bass note is g♯, not g♮.See Two forgotten sharps 

4. 5th Suite, Prélude, bar 170: 1st note written as a () is for 2nd (D) string, not for open 1st (G) string. So it is real note, therefore it sounds as it is written. See Scordatura, too complicated

5. 1st Suite, Gigue, between bar 31 and 32: insert a half bar consists of three 8th notes (e-f-c). See A strange half-bar 

6. 4th Suite, Prélude, bar 16: 2nd (and 6th) note is d♮, not d♭. See Attention the flats!

7. 6th Suite, Gigue, bar 8: 4th note is c♯, not e. See The finale

8. 6th Suite, Gigue, bar 18, 2nd half: e-d-c-d in 16th notes and e in 8th note, not e-c-e in three 8th notes. It is probably AMB's error. See The finale

9. 6th Suite, Gavotte 1, bar 7: 1st bass note is e♯, not e♮ (2nd bass note is e♮). See Two forgotten sharps

10. 2nd Suite, Gigue, bar 28: last note is e, not b♮. See Error of the 20th century

11. 4th Suite, Allemande, bar 23, 9th note and bar 24, 7th note are a♭, not a♮. See Attention the flats!

12. 1st Suite, Prélude, bar 26, 3rd beat: 2nd note is b♮, not b♭. Recent editions take correctly b♮, but many editions of 19th and 20th century (such as BGA, Wenzinger, etc.) took b♭.

13. 4th Suite, Prélude, bar 80: the four b notes are double flat, not single flat. See Attention the flats!

14. 3rd Suite, Sarabande, bar 7, 2nd beat, last note: it is controversial, but I think it is b♭, not c.

15. 5th Suite, Allemande, bar 25: 1st bass note is g, not b♭. All the manuscripts (lute arrangement included) show g.

16. 5th Suite, Allemande, same bar as above, 2nd 4th note: the rhythm of three notes (c-d-b♭) is two 16th notes and 8th note, not 8th note and two 16th notes.

17. 2nd Suite, Courante, bar 27: 2nd last note is g, not f. See A curious difference

18. 5th Suite, Prélude, bar 193: 3rd note is a♮, not g. See With Lute arrangement

19. 3rd Suite, Gigue, bar 19: Kellner and Sources C and D show f♯ in 8th and a-g-f♯-e in 16th notes. But I think Bach changed later into f-a-g-f♯-e-d in six 16th notes as we see in AMB's manuscript. See Three times?

20. 3rd Suite, Gigue, bar 105: 2nd note is c, not d. In ABM's manuscript, she rewrites it and add the letter c. Same as above, I thnk Bach changed it later.  

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