Sep 2, 2014

Errata of the New Bärenreiter Urtext

Attention ! This article is about the "Scholarly Critical Performing Edition" of the New Bärenreiter Urtext (2000) of Bach's Cello Suites.

Bärenreiter published four editions of the Cello Suites:
   1. Bärenreiter Urtext edited by August Wenzinger (1950)
   2. New Bach Edition edited by Hans Eppstein (1988)
   3. The New Bärenreiter Urtext edited by Bettina Schwemer and Douglas Woodfull-Harris (2000)
   4. New bach Edition, Revised Edition edited by Andrew Talle (2016)
Please don't confuse them.

The "Scholarly Critical Performing Edition" shows the differences among all the four manuscripts and Paris first edition, such as:

This idea is very good, but the gravest error of this edition is to be too arbitrary. The editors say "Apart from correcting the obvious mistakes in the sources, the editors have done their utmost to remain as neutral as possible..." Oh no! They have omitted the most important things as shown below. It should be the users, not editors who decide which is error or which is true.


1st Suite  in G major  BWV 1007


From bar 33, 3rd beat: It neglects double stems (= double stoppings).
See the article "Neglected double stoppings"

   Grave error:

   Correction (the little staves were omitted):

Bar 26: Error:


Bar 27: Error:



Between bar 31 and 32: It neglects the half-bar (why!?).
See also the article "A strange half-bar"

   Grave error:


To be continued...

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