Sep 18, 2014

The finale (6th suite: Gigue)

6th Suite  in D major  BWV 1012



Bar 8, 4th note: Most editions show e according to Anna Magdalena Bach (AMB) (and Sources C and D):

But it is probably a mistake because the 7th chord of next bar requires c-sharp as a preparation of suspension. Only Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe (BGA/1879) take c-sharp according to Kellner:


   BGA (but the chord of next bar is a mistake since Paris first edition):

I show you the harmony reduction for easy understanding:

A similar example from the Allemande of the 6th Suite (bar 6, 2nd and 3rd beats):

Bar 18, 2nd half: Some editions take e, c-charp, e in 8th notes according to AMB (and Sources C and D). But I think it is AMB's error. I can't prove it but I can't find any reason to modify from charming figuration same as bar 2 into three 8th notes. They are too poor, dull, unnatural. So I took Kellner's figuration.

   AMB (2nd bar of figure below):


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