Aug 29, 2014

Bach's "Calendar" (1st Suite: Prélude)

Bach's hidden numbers

We must notice the numbers about these double stoppings.
They begin at the bar 33, 3rd beat and continue during 3 bars (12 beats) and at the beginning, 3 notes must be played consecutively. What does it mean?

The number 3 means God (the Trinity), so here, Bach glorify God with these double stoppings.

And in this Prélude, how many bars are there?

Yes, there are 42 bars. What number is it, 42?
7x6? Yes, it is one of the answers because 7 is the number of perfection. And others?

I suppose you know very well that J.S. Bach loved numbers especially the number 14 because it is his number (B=2, A=1, C=3, H=8, 2+1+3+8=14).

Yes, 42=14x3. That means, I think, Bach (14) glorify God (3).

And that is not all. I hope you will study the structure of this Prélude by yourself before looking at the following diagram.

It is almost a miracle.

This Prélude really consists of 3 blocks of 14 bars!

This is the "Gloria" of Bach's Cello Suites!

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