Jan 28, 2016

Error of the 20th century

2nd Suite  in D minor  BWV 1008

Gique, Bar 28, last note: most editions of 20th century (such as Wenzinger, Fournier, Tortelier, Henle, etc.) take b-natural according to Anna Magdalena Bach (AMB). But it is probably an error.

Kellner and Souces C and D take e as below. The notes d-e-f draw natural ascendant line.

   Source C:

   Source D:

There is a parallel period from bar 61 but it isn't the same. In the bar 65 (far right), the diminished 7th (c-sharp - b-flat) is divided into two 16th notes, so it is natural to draw descendant line (g - e - c-sharp).

Most editions of the 19th century such as Paris first edition (1824), Dotzauer (1826), Bach Gesellschaft Ausgabe (BGA/1879), Klengel (1900), etc. had taken e. But after publishing Alexanian edition (1929) that includes the facsimile of AMB's manuscript, most editions followed it.  


History sometimes regresses.

By the way, some cellists play as follows:

They are right because they aren't content with AMB, but of course it is an incorrect solution. Composer often avoids to repeat the same thing.

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